Conditions on the Vnoska card

Apply for Vnoska card by 31.01.2022 in a bank office or online and get it free of charge.

Interest rate on purchase/payment (annually) 0%
Issuance of a card  BGN 25
Annual card service fee BGN 25
Minimum repayment installment Sum of the monthly installments on deferred payments
Card renewal Free
Receiving a card in another office of the Bank Free
Payment for goods and services Free
Monthly card statement Free
Statement on request at the Bank's office Free
Choose and change of PIN Free
Cash contribution to the Bank's ATM Free
Annual fee for the service Automatic repayment of debt by direct debit Free
Receiving card amounts through a terminal device (credit refund) 1%
Certifies information on the card BGN 1
Send an SMS to a short number to receive a PIN Collected by mobile operator (excluding VAT):
A1/Vivacom - BGN 0.25
Telenor - BGN 0.24
Reissuance of a card before the expiration date BGN 10
Change of credit limit/operating limits BGN 10
Card blocking BGN 10
Fee for reviewing the creditworthiness of the cardholder BGN 10
Card activation after 3 wrong PINs BGN 10
Unfounded claim for operation BGN 10
Exceeding the credit limit BGN 10
Late compensation (on an annual basis) 10%
Account closing Free
Remuneration interest Not available

The Vnoska card does not provide the opportunity to withdraw cash.

For more information about the changes you can visit the bank's website, or to contact the employees in the offices of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD and on the telephones of the Contact Center:


General conditions for payment instruments - credit cards for individuals and business owners

Card transaction limits

Framework agreement for credit limit on credit card for a natural person "Vnoska"

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